The G. Ward Beaudry Legacy Fund

The G. Ward Beaudry Legacy Fund supports the sustainability of critical services for vulnerable families. This fund creates a legacy of excellence and continuity in honor of one of our founders, G. Ward Beaudry, ensuring the continuation of our life altering programs. The Legacy Fund’s future began with a generous gift from Ms. Diana Beaudry, in memory of her husband, G. Ward Beaudry. Ms. Beaudry, an esteemed benefactor, has led the way and serves as the first Legacy Champion for parents and children now and in the future of Family Compass.

Gift of: $250-$1000

Gift of: $3000 or more

  • G. Ward Beaudry

    G. Ward Beaudry was one of 400 Dallas Exchange Club members who in 1992 established “The Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse of DFW, Inc. (EXCAP)” which became the Child Abuse Prevention Center and is now known as Family Compass. Ward was one of the longest serving board members of Family Compass and his memory lives on in our work. He remained a key Lake Highlands Exchange Club liaison for the agency throughout his 23-year tenure and served as the organization’s “Of Counsel”. In 2017, he was honored with the esteemed “Spirit of Compassion” award, along with other founders of Family Compass at the 25th Anniversary celebration, “Legends and Lights.”



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