Family Compass
Empowering families to build a better tomorrow for their children.

Our Services

Our home-mentoring programs guide and strengthen struggling families by providing one-on-one education and support customized to each family's needs. Our staff go into high-risk communities in Dallas and Collin County and work directly with parents and children in their homes. Building on parents' strengths, we assist them to develop their parenting skills and increase their understanding of child development. When parents use positive parenting techniques and have access to support and resources, research shows that they are far less likely to abuse or neglect their children. 

Our community education and outreach programs equip parents in Dallas and Collin Counties with the tools they need to build healthy, stable families. Our staff teaches parents on how to practice effective parenting skills, build positive relationships with their children, and increase support networks. Additionally, we hold classes in schools for teen parents on preventing child abuse, teen dating violence, Shaken Baby Syndrome and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. We also hold classes mandated by the Dallas County courts to help parents understand the effects of separation and divorce on children and promote positive parenting during this critical time.