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Home-Mentoring Programs

Growing As Parents

Growing As Parents is a free, home-mentoring parent education program that provides guidance on building positive parent-child relationships and promotes optimal early development, learning, and healthy children. Beginning with developmental screenings for children and a thorough intake interview, staff provide weekly parenting education sessions in the home along with support and connection to resources. The Growing As Parents program focuses on helping parents address child development. 


  • The parent lives in Dallas or Colllin County
  • Parent is under 21 years old (Dallas County); parents of all ages (Collin County)
  • Parent is currently pregnant or parenting a child three years old or younger who currently lives with the parent
  • Referrals accepted from community agencies, such as medical providers, schools, etc. as well as self-referrals
  • Voluntary participation for up to five years
  • Services are provided at no cost in both English and Spanish 
  • Utlizes the Parents As Teachers evidence-based curriculum


Parent Aide

Parent Aide is a free, home-mentoring clinical program which provides quality support services to families at risk for child abuse and neglect. Masters level clinicians meet with families weekly to create healthy partnerships and provide a foundation for families to adopt positive parenting techniques. Parents learn how to decrease stress, apply positive discipline techniques, and connect to resources to improve emotional and financial stability. This program strengthens families and reduces the risk of child abuse. 


  • Parent lives in Dallas or Collin County 
  • Parents of all ages (pregnant or parenting)
  • Children 12 years old or younger who currently live with the parent 
  • Referrals accepted from social service agencies; primarily CPS, schools, hospitals, etc. as well as self-referrals
  • Low to moderate risk factors for abuse and neglect have been identified by referral sources
  • Voluntary participation for up to two years
  • Services are provided at no cost in both English and Spanish 
  • Utilizes Nurturing Parenting Program's evidence-based curriculum